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What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

Have you ever wondered what exactly a family law attorney does? We will dive into what a

family law attorney typically does during a day on the job. First, we should identify exactly what

a family law attorney is.

Family Law Attorney Nassau County

What is a Family Law Attorney?

Family Law is one area of law that works with family matters and domestic relationships such as

marriages, adoptions, child custody, divorce and other related matters.

Attorneys that practice family law represent clients in family court proceedings and other related

negotiations. Family lawyers play an important role in helping people and families navigate

through tough periods in their lives using empathy and expertise.

What a Family Law Attorney Does

As the name suggests, a family law attorney focuses on issues that directly affect families.

Common tasks that these attorneys deal with include drafting custody agreements, prenuptial

agreements, wills, and other legal documents. Surprisingly, family law is a broad legal


Family law has a lot to offer – supporting clients through difficult cases can be challenging,

Becoming a Family Law Attorney

To become a family law attorney, you must obtain a bachelor's degree, consisting of courses

related to history, political science, business and economics.

You then must go through the admissions process and enroll in law school. Students in law

school will gain experience through coursework, internships, fellowships, part time employment

and clinics.

Finally, you must pass the bar exam, which then will lead you to being qualified to practice law.

Students then can choose a concentration they want to focus in when entering into the

workforce at a firm.

Skills that are important for a family law attorney to be successful include strong verbal and

written communication, critical thinking and analysis, time management and overall just strong

people skills.

Because of the issues that family law attorneys commonly deal with, you also should possess

compassion and a calm demeanor since your clients are typically emotionally vulnerable with



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